Dine with a Rhythm
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A Dance for the Senses

Kueros Island Bar & Kitchen

In the pulsing heart of Old San Juan, a rhythmic percussion of culinary artistry beckons. Step into Kueros Island Bar & Kitchen, where pure sensory exuberance awakens your senses. Inside, a harmonious collision occurs. Rustic and succulent golden-hued pork skin meets cultivated expressions that resonate with the sizzle  and mastery of every bite.

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Savor the Fusion


Transcend the ordinary with every dish. Indulge in our signature creations, where international flair seamlessly blends with the hearty charm of local delicacies, and then soar with our exquisite rum-infused compositions.

Choose "Sabor"

Hours of Operation

Sunday to Wednesday

6:30 am - 11:00 pm

Thursday to Saturday

6:30 am - 12:00  am

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Unleash the Spirit

Events at Kueros

"Vivo" is more than a word. It’s the essence that infuses every celebration with an ecstatic beat. But Kueros isn’t satisfied with hosting your event; it will craft moments of exuberance and tall, dark, and handsome allure.

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Executive Chef Israel Rodríguez

At Kueros, each dish crafted by Executive Chef Israel Rodríguez tells a unique story. Inspired by his mother's skillful artistry, his deep-rooted passion for cooking is evident in every creation. Each dish is a harmonious blend of his childhood dreams and the vibrant culture of his island, inviting guests on a delightful culinary journey.

A Legendary Location

Situated near San Juan’s storied stone walls and immaculate beaches, Kueros lets you dine amidst the most spectacular views of the old city and the infinite expanse and majesty of the Atlantic Ocean.